I have been producing paper collages and self-published zines on and off since 2007. It has been a way for me to explore new techniques to be applied in music and video editing. Except for a few series, all of the pieces were created using original images from vintage encyclopedias, medical books and magazines.

Zines available on Death Orgone Storenvy

Conspiration (2020)
Flesh Intolerance 2 (2019)
Flesh Intolerance (2018)
Devoir. Génétique. Violence. Hiérarchie. (2015)
Dialectique de la misère sexuelle (2015)
Enfants (2011)
Death Orgone 3 (2010)
Death Orgone 2 (2010)
Death Orgone 1 (2009)
La fonction de l’orgasme (2009)
Lucie (2009)
Entry Wound (2009)
Mother’s Day (2008)
Nativité noire (2008)
Origines (2007-2008)