Théorie de la religion – Exclusive web streaming 06/06/2013

Lamashtu’s first feature film, Théorie de la religion, will be shown through an exclusive live broadcast Friday June 6th. As per the nature and subject of this work (pornography, underground web and masculine self-destructive sadism), it is the most accurate and relevant context for this movie to be seen. I’ve tested a prior streaming of Art/Crime and it works flawlessly.

The broadcast will begin at 22h30 (Central European Time Zone). It will originate from France through the S&M; Virtual Festival. Which means 16h30 in Quebec and 01h30 in Moscow. Check your time zone.

Virtual access is 2 euros. Or you can still buy a full package to see the whole selection for 15 euros.

My short film Viral, a blueprint for Théorie de la religion, will be broadcasted the day after.

As an incentive, or discouragement, here’s some exclusive pictures from the set by the unique Serge de Cotret: