Live Action – RBMA Drone Activity In Progress + Information Warfare

(En anglais pour des raisons pécunières)

Full recording of my performance at Red Bull Music Academy “Drone Activity in Progress” alongside Neige et Noirceur.

Aside from a minor plug issue near the end, I’m very satisfied with this action (a rare feat).  The last track was an excerpt of what should be the first Un regard froid LP, based on certain movies that left a marking impression. It will be a very personal output, and there’s a chance I drop the URF monicker altogether and continue audio exploration under my own name.

In other news, I’m working on several projects in parallel. Most of them are simply bottles thrown at the sea, so I won’t go into details until they have some form of material existence. What will be coming in this dimension soon though are the first objects from my upcoming microedition label Death Orgone. They are formatted, ready to be printed and will be released November 12th (if I got the table I booked at Expozine). Death Orgone will start with these 3 documents:

  • Lamashtu “Enfants” reissue (nearly all original copies were destroyed) – Collages Zine
  • Dialectique de la misère sexuelle – Collages Zine
  • Création procédurale de limbes personnalisées (Glitch Art Zine) + 2 new short films on DVD-R
    • Les nuages sont le portrait de nos péchés
    • Eternal Craving of Neon Limbonic Climax

Here are some stills of those two short films:ello-optimized-6cc8b01f



It will consist of zines, VHS, DVD-R releases and subterranean publications hidden in the layers of web culture. Keywords: glitch, religious rituals, obsolete technology, lofi 3D and video art, conspiracies, story of medicine, pharmaceutical/psychiatric research, makeshift weapons, soothing color waves, architecture, urban exploration, sects, brainwashing, cut-ups, contemporary dancing, mental illnesses, postpornography, japanese cinema of the eighties, collages, marketing warfare, survivalism, nuclear family structure, terrorist attacks, performance art, spam mail, Quebec poetry of the sixties/seventies, malware, hacking, aromatherapy, home improvements, industrial culture, creepypastas, etc.

In all cases, we are talking about extremely limited editions (10-15 max). Other objects are already planned for the future. The release of those documents will also crystallized the move towards Death Orgone as the main “social media” entity…

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Photo by Karel Chladek

Photo by Karel Chladek