Indie Games Reviews 28 —12/28/2022

Stars Below by HeroRobb—

A new dimension of sci-fi horror has emerged, splicing urban squalor, gender performativity and interstellar claustrophobia. You ain’t ready.

A Hell of An Exorcist by Antoine Fauville —

Rotten urbanism, Old Testament Angels and a unique game mechanic. Inspiring.

Zero Visibility by clearlynotluke —

Riveting atmosphere and lore. Finally, an original take on retro aesthetic.

Solastalgia by Farfama —

Ecoanxiety accelerator. This is ecological game creation done right.

Verwandlung by Boie –

Typical horror game jam mechanic, but the atmosphere and urban design is absolutely delightful.

Meat Madness by dukegoobler –

If, like me, you have soft spot for sentient holes made of offal, you have to play it.

Emotional Sincerity by Selfish Dream –

You know the drill : abstract maze completely voided of hope. The truth is in the iterative focus.

Potentiality by honeyboy jones –

Walking simulator. The polar opposite of Selfish Dream. Potentials.

Rest by bulboka –

This game feels vulnerable, on the verge of breaking up, sad for the boatman slave.

Haram by Stef Pinto –

An absolute gem of an experience, especially if you have any appreciation of Andres Serrano work. Transcendental, digital flesh feeling more putrid than our own fleshmechs.

The Maker of Mask by Felix.Kraus –

The Shadow of a Puppet-Dance, an essay by James Trafford published in Collapse Volume IV: Concept-Horror, about Thomas Ligotti and Thomas Metzinger is here synthesized in this interactive fable on the absurdity of being our own jail.

Free the Nipple by Thomas Waterzooi –

On a lighter note, a system to evaluate how experienced you are with loading nudie shots through a 56k modem.

Desastres de la Guerra by causacreations –

The fever of war : bloodlust, gunpowder, technological aberrations and engineered geotrauma.

Brasier by  xena-spectrale –

xena-spectrale pushes the exploration of split-screen infused gameplay towards unknown depths, revealing singular mutation of horror of madness.

Agent No.6 by jaimejaime –

No one:
jaimejaime : Here’s a creepypasta take on Goldeneye.
It’s brilliant.

The Happyhills Homicide by Copperbolt –

Come for the charming style. Stay for the over-the-top murder set pieces.

Interlude:Andalusia by Rabbit Run Game –

Short piece of spiritual abstraction and aesthetical minimalism. A great example of using video games’ affordances to enhance poetry.

Funny Walk – A Garbage Voyage by Graceless Games –

 Absurd humour done right. The type of games you dreamt of discovering at your local sharewares CD-ROMs bin.

MapFriend by papercookies –

Google Map horror. You know you want to know what’s hidden there, and there, and there, and…

Those Who Crawl by Hush Fin Games –

Brilliant interfacing of despair through unique controls.

Kuro by vmu_ –

Who would have guessed chibi survival-horror works? Charming and unnerving.

Drug Simulator V.1.0 by ChoppyPine –

Absolutely no scientific value whatsoever, but I salute the various experiments on the cameras.

Regular Home Renovation Simulator by Substandard Shrimp –

After three weeks and half of renovation at our places, this was quite cathartic and a precise representation of my mindset.

Proto Anima by natch –

This impressive Bitsy piece manages to push the limits of the platform to propose a heartbreaking narrative of lost through body horror.

The Blades by Dead Pixel –

This tarot simulator made me ponder about the potential of divination through video games.

A Structure of Unknown Origin at Little Pine State Park by Redact Games –

Had to revisit this brilliant game. If I had to choose, I’d rather get lost there than in The Backrooms.

Truss by ompuco –

This was for me the highlight of Madvent Calender 2022. Mind-bending style crossed with a thought-provoking narrative. I never knew what to expect next and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommended.


Gas Guzzlers Extreme (Switch) – Sometimes all you need is braindead vehicular combat, and this fits the bill.

Unmetal (Switch) – The humour is hit or miss, but this is an excellent take on 2D Metal Gear era stealth action.

Prodeus – Believe the hype. The only boomer shooter I thoroughly enjoyed. The level design is some of the best I recently experienced.

Onimusha: Warlords – To think I one-shot that game in my teenage years… Playing this was humbling, but also satisfying for the quick pace fights and great enemy design.

Contra III : The Alien Wars – This didn’t get a single wrinkle. The sprite art is unfuckwithable.

Stilstand – Yup, definitely felt that way more than once.

Lydia – The voice acting is as irritating as that ending is soul-crushing.

Cruisn’ Blast – Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void as a racing game.

Brigador – Easy to pick up, hard to master isometric mech ultraviolence. The strong Syndicate (1993) vibe completely hooked me.