Indie Games Reviews 26—10/13/2022

Satan’s Pepper by ghostfowl—

This is a master class in the forgotten craft of sprites art driven narrative fiction. There are some genuinely brilliant (funny) creation here that support a quite hilarious/satanic take on Hot Ones.

City Park by Joey Schutz—

What is introduced as an incredible homage to the eeriness of city parks is actually a very interesting experimentation in the hypnotic effect dipteran compound vision and the close relation between ocular saturation and drone. Fascinating.

Ratuz by Bad Coffee Games—

If you ever played the original Prince of Persia, you know of that sadistic glee only 2D sprites animation of gruesome death can bring. This is the same pushes to 11.

Drowned by Totally Fungal—

The Floor Is Breathing was an incredible take on Silent Hill-ish psychological anticipation, twisting it with the best of the analogue horror trends. This new work by Totally Fungal is not as accomplished, but brings novel experimental direction brimming with potential. A name to seriously follow.

Shining Street 21 by itfunkylab—

As focused as a full-auto Glock 17 shot, and as loud. Amazing art style riding that k-horror/action ultraviolence (think The Witch) without boring narration. Pure fun.

Cigar Break by Jaybee—

I dare anybody to figure out the plot twist on this one. You can’t, and that for me deserves your full attention.

Which Way? by naloisio—

Having co-created a game titled Which Way, I had to test the other search results on This is the highlight (and also the one who can claim dominion on the title). The hardest mindfuck since being algorithmically mind phased by TikTok. Explain Deleuze to me.

Fleeting forms by FaerieFire—

More sensorial stimulation that makes you wonder why this isn’t shown in galleries instead of always seemingly out of place video art installation.

Nott Longa by Amhardcore—

I agree the “abandoned haunted retro game” formula is overdone to death, but this one is worth your while. Exquisite writing, trippy art and music and existential torment surge. Just forget about the (some of them I admit are painful) cryptic puzzles and lose yourself in this glitchscape.

Looming by Gregory Avery-Weir—

I remember stumbling on this back in 2010 and not fully getting it. Now with more AAA fatigue, I can only say this is a brilliant piece of experimental game design driven by a sensible and talented literary mind. The minimal style only expand the greatness of the worldbuilding at work here.

_TEST by Chros—

This unassuming typing game is inversely as terrifying as its complexity. The Devil is here, literally, in the details.

Morph Girl by Jaydeb—

A very interesting take on FMV interactive fiction. Very well-made, but it would have benefited of pushing more the potential of visual manipulation in its editing. Nonetheless, it offers a rich experience with strong endings and, dare I say, humanity.

Continue by Daniel—

This short experience further convinces me of the incredible capacity of video games to communicate loss as a medium. Bittersweetness simulator.

Presenter Slides™ by brin/Mathias Shifter—

If you ever had to prepare slides for a business meeting, it’s a must play. Still a must play the other way around just to know the pain that awaits you. Corporate satire crossing eternal punishment (a recurrent theme since the beginning of the pandemic, enough to become a game genre in itself) with a dose of … that would be a spoiler. Finish it, with a webcam, if you dare.

First Steps by Nikolay_Tsoy—

Basically, an accurate reconstitution of every launch of a new creative project.

Alone In the Diner by Now Known—

Short and effective Twilight Zonish horror game to start getting in the mood for your next costumed covid gathering. Can’t say no to haunted polaroid gameplay.

Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk by Nikita Kryukov—

From the creator of minimal (and brilliant) neurotic interactive fiction Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk comes harsher empathy for how terrifying the world can be for neurodivergent individuals. Exquisite art style, also.

In other news, still getting crushed by Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

And also, take a look at Multi-Memory Controller new music video Thirteenth Zodiac. Final Fantasy Tactics inspired chiptuned power metal from Montreal!