Indie Games Reviews 05 – 30/04/2021

Blood Void Mass by Noé –

Keep calm and remember this is a gardening sim. A gardening sim where you feed giant blood spikes from fluids invoked from a black hole. Also the sound design slays.


Cold Shot by skydrow –

A technically beautiful game about a contract killer falling into a Cronenbergian trap (think The Brood). Amazing and bloodcurdling setpieces. Can’t wait to see skydrow’s next project.


Cookies by Stef Pinto –

The definition of a cult classic. Tenement meets Combat Shock. They only way the experience could be better was if I found Cookies on an unidentified CD inside a GTA 2 case at an underground flea market. This game will be discussed and will create legions of admirers who will overspeculate over the hidden meaning behind this rusty putrid gem. Get obsessed.


Experiment 4510 by Fran Vadillo –

250 seconds of blacksite platforming fun. 10/10 for the color palette.

Hellfall by TomRobson –

I spent way too much time playing Downfall and this short take on the mechanics is extremely promising.


Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake –

I really enjoyed Rusty Lake’s unique style and quirky but grim approach to point and click adventure in Samsara Room, but neglected trying their other games. Rusty Lake Hotel was an exquisite experience in the same vein providing some very ingenious and cruel puzzles. Now for the two other titles of the trilogy!

Tender Offer by Diesel Dogs –

There seems to be a trend recently of horror games based around office environments. All of them are weird experiences to play through during the pandemic – considering I’ve been working remotely for more than a year now. Hopefully when I get back to my office the relation with colleagues and the coffee machine won’t be as psychotic. As a little vibe from Ligotti’s My Work Is Not Yet Done I quite enjoy.

The Supper by Octavi Navarro –

Another quirky but grim point and click games from the brilliant mind behind Midnight Scenes. A very short experience I don’t want to spoil, beside I’d really like to try the proposed exotic culinary delights.

Also went through Ape Out and Thumper in the past few weeks which provided some much needed audio-based kinetic violence. Highly recommended of course. I also completed Remnants : From the Ashes which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m not the « git good » type of gamer but the SCP-esque lore and the surprising shift after the initial environment really got to me. Gun-based Souls-like absolutely work and I had a blast experimenting the funky arsenal available against the various paradimensional denizens.