Indie Games Reviews 31 – 03/24/2023

Loneliest Depth by Shallow Lagoon—

A dissociative disorder simulator concealed by an interactive fiction about oceanic depth terror. Bittersweet and uncanny.

Dark Static by HENRY — 

The impossibility of erasing one’s existence.

Waster Eater by cain —

A visually stunning game that channels the posthumanism of Haraway, Barad, and Katherine Hayles in the best possible ways. Another proof of video games as efficient philosophical objects.

Be Honest by Ezra Szanton —

The only, and the last, personality test you will ever need. Analog horror done right.

Embracing Hell by axoona —

Rabelais and beautifully incompetent drumming packaged as a mosh pit simulator. What else do you want from this world?

Slums by Alambik —

Sit back and enjoy the various procedurally generated hubris of near-future dystopia.

Digidream by Groundwater Studio —

Typing game crossover with a staring contest of the evil variety. The aesthetic is on point, reminding me of Evilspeak.

Myst FPS by Woe Industries —

You have no soul if you don’t randomly shout MYST to the devil every 5 seconds while humming E1M1 from Doom after playing this.

Box by Chros —

You know that final of Megan Is Missing? Same mood.


Midnight Fight Express – Games that throw everything at you, from ninjas to furries, usually fail to convey the scope of their chaotic ambitions. Fortunately, that is not the case here, even saving the fact the plot is absolute garbage. Instead, the gameplay mixes Hotline Miami’s brutality with Ruiner’s pseudo-tactical progression for concentrated bone-breaking catharsis. Highly recommended.

Source of Madness – I started the game a few months back and wasn’t too convinced by the machine-learning model used for levels and enemies generation. Being a rogue-lite, the progression cost was too steep to be enjoyable. This is still a problem, but it really clicked when I returned to it last week. This game, once in the right mindset, is absolutely addictive. And while the Lovecraftian eeriness of the first levels is enough to incite further exploration, it becomes full-blown chaotic and mind-bending by the middle of the second act. Unfortunately, the unlockable spells are really hit or miss, and as they are costly, replayability is null – which is unacceptable for that type of game.