Acephalic – Game Teaser

Trailer for Acephalic, an experience by Death Orgone/Frederick Maheux

Music by Un Regard Froid based on upcoming album “Conspiration”

Content warning : blood, gore, sacrifice, glitched pornographic imagery, loud noise and strobes

Explore the eroding mental landscape of someone trying to find a way out of this reality. Featuring:
– A double-barreled shotgun
– Human sacrifices
– Anticosmic gravitational pull
– Tentacles

This interactive experience is a companion piece to the album “Conspiration” (Conspiracy) by Un Regard Froid. The music and lyrics were inspired by the literary work of Thomas Ligotti. Acephalic further explores the themes of nihilism, cosmic indifference and social construct of productivity through the prism of the anti-Vitruvian man, the acephalic man.

This is my first experience with game design after 15 years of work as a video artist and post-industrial musician. Video games have always been my main inspiration and passion. My master’s thesis examined with the subway in video games and I had to chance to publish several articles about the medium. The Covid-19 isolation finally enabled me to learn the process and create my own object.

I wished through this initiatory process to explore the potential relation between industrial/noise sounds and interactivity – abstraction, harshness, dynamism, distorsion, etc. Acephalic is the first step in that direction and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.