CRPS – Slaughter Geometry

Document 2 : Invasion/Retaliation
Releases Friday November 6th

Raw power electronics. Quebec. Soundtrack of autonomous ballistic sadism, architectural logic of torture and soteriological fanaticism.
Featuring members of Un Regard Froid, Maussade, Hyena Hive and Profane Order.

Corpses stacked in vertical graveyards
Pylons of flesh reaching dead-channel sky
Voided population, meat in concrete cube
Sealed putrefaction hidden from drones
Aerial view of striated immobility
Pure actualized simulation of non-existence
Authority of silence and decay
Frozen in time, frozen in anti-velocity
Horizontal plane as global wall
Extreme idealized form of the city
Devourer of all life
Proliferating charnel skyscrapers
Blooming like polygonal reductions towards black
You sold your own graves