URF – Conspiration Lyrics English Translation

English translation of the lyrics from Un Regard Froid – Conspiration. Original French lyrics on Bancamp.


Torrents of banalities and good feelings in which you’d rather drown
As maggots feeding on infection and filthy blood
The key moment where you are crushed by the persistence of things is always when you refuse to wake up
More of them ignore the horror of this reality
No need to understand, you cannot understand
Abdicate, abdicate, abdicate
You must fight and fornicate and contribute to be correctly anesthetized
For the one who knows, this is not the challenge
But actually to communicate
And communicating requires self-sequestration
To divide one from monstrosity
The crimes we don’t force on others are always committed against the self
Against these parts of us we assassinate to sleep
But mostly to smile
It is crucial to smile


The price to pay
A little blood
Everyday, a little blood
The price to pay to be useful
The price to pay to leave your flesh
The price to pay to become electricity
The price to pay to be desired
The price to pay to become speed
The price to pay to forget what threatens you out of sight
The price to pay to forget everything will fall
The price to pay to forget the organs’ frenzy
The price to pay to forget the void’s taste
The price to pay to forget the nightmare of origin
The price to pay
A little blood
Everyday, a little blood


What I say is absolute
What I say is truth
Rigor and discipline make me a complete person with a clear identity
I am relevant and valid
I absorb what must be absorbed with moderation
These rules are mine and the basis of my DNA
What measures time measures my contribution towards my brothers
The infinite love for those who relish the blood of our enemies
Exterminate the infection
Total purgation
Burn all traitors
7,62mm Dum-Dum
AGM 114 Hellfire
MQ-9 Reaper
M202 Flash
Liquefy flesh
Crush bones
Divine bayonets piercing all tearful eyes
We are absolute. We are truth


Measuring cloacal forces
Time measured by cycles of liquid waste
Space as fecal matters, the scatology of creation
The voiding of the self
We are drowned in the shameful interpenetration of what created this world and the necrocosmic growths
Our brains cannot understand the incompatibility of what our senses perceived.
The debilitating confusion of minerals transforming into liquid, crawling with negative energy up our paralyzed meat and forcing themselves in our terrified maw.
Alone in this crystalized atrocious end.
The understanding this fog comes from us.
Infection. Aberration. Putrefaction.


Murders I will not commit
Perversions I will not satiate
Weapons I will not brandish
Drugs I will not shoot
Humanity is series of gaping holes
Innate holes
Acquired holes
Getting me hard
Dancing for my scopic pulsion
And without which I would never wake up


Void, completion
White and Black
Black and White
Textures’ melancholia
Variations’ nostalgia
An eternity of alternating completions and voids
Cosmic strobes
Inside an infinite pierced with the jealousy of my rotting corpse
But I know fundamentally that even if the trajectory of my shell, this vestigial structure, crashed into a celestial body I would be duplicated
If those copies are not already completed, unconscious they will take over this agony
I am convinced this condition follows another state where I understand the meanings of my acts lightyears later
Each collisions in the center of what sculpted this nightmare
Corpses stacking at each expiration
Disfigured innocence at each inspiration
Something cruel lives outside the borders of this dimension
And joyfully manipulates my pores and libido
But this cruelty and joy can only be mine
Hatred is a solid matter


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