Théorie de la religion – VHS release

(French data)

Théorie de la religion, my first feature film, is finally available on glorious VHS through King of the Witches.

This egotistic painful analogic hell of a video document can now grace you with razorblade synaesthesia .

Extremely limited editions with some original Death Orgone surprises inside.

A simple setup: a doll, a man and tools. All those elements are gathered in a dirty basement illuminated by several spotlights. The Man is a body and a conscience. His role is the infinite potential of the sadistic will. The sexual drive, fueled by alcool and drugs, corrodes the flesh and the nerves. The doll, medical model for simulations, is only plastic. Plastic, but icon, symbol and, consequently, charged with unheimliche. A man possessed by a libidinal frenzy and a female-shaped doll…

True pornography.

Featuring music by Archgoat, Deathroes, Redrot and Another Headache.

Get it on King of the Witches webstore.

Also available, Lamashtu Videowork compilation 2007-2013.