New Un Regard Froid Album + First Game Acephalic

“Les cadavres accumulés à chacune de mes expirations
Les innocences défigurées à chacune de mes inspirations
Quelque chose de cruel se situe hors des portées de cette dimension”


Conspiration (Conspiracy in English) is the second part of a trilogy initiated by Accélération. The work of Thomas Ligotti, especially Conspiracy Against the Human Race, has been central to the creation of this album.

Conspiration comes with a video game as companion piece – Acephalic. It further explores the themes of nihilism, cosmic indifference and social construct of productivity through the prism of the anti-Vitruvian man, the acephalic man. Freely available on Itch:

Explore the eroding mental landscape of someone trying to find a way out of this reality. Featuring:
– A double-barreled shotgun
– Human sacrifices
– Anticosmic gravitational pull
– Tentacles

This is my first experience with game design after 15 years of work as a video artist and post-industrial musician. Video games have always been my main inspiration and passion. My master’s thesis examined the subway in video games and I had the chance to publish several articles about the medium. The Covid-19 isolation finally enabled me to learn the process and create my own object.

I wished through this initiatory process to explore the potential relation between industrial/noise sounds and interactivity – abstraction, harshness, dynamism, distorsion, etc. Acephalic is the first step in that direction and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.