Three new music videos – Ginger Breaker, Human Traffic and The Vault

While waiting for comebacks from distributors for my last experimental feature video, ANA, I’ve kept busy working on music videos. Three were made in four months. Here goes.

Ginger Breaker – Apocalyptic Angst

From Music Strictly Intended for Night Riding Purposes on Neuromodulation. Montreal’s only real techno for Adidas training pants.

Destroying Vapor one Floppy 3.5″ at a time. Monster trucks and Windows 3.1.

This band is one of the most interesting EBM/Digital Hardcore act currently active in my earnest opinion. For this video, I’ve opted for a brutal barrage of databending/datamoshing, hijacking footage from a 3D newscast service. I’ve mixed everything while channeling the Tessier-Ashpool lore from Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy. Think an artificial intelligence going schizophrenic and self-mutilating it’s data through a viral info-overdose. Enjoy. Play loud. DON’T BLINK.

THE VAULT – Morning Star
This one is for Quebec’s seminal industrial act The Vault Project.

It has a deeper narrative and spiritual structure. Luciferian rituals trough virtual reality isolation. The sun as inverted hell.

Switch the light off. Grab a drink. Play loud. Fall in the anticosmic void.