New music video + Metaphase

Yesterday premiered on The Brvtalist my latest music video for Anders B. personal project Mind & Flesh. Copy-paste of the article:

The Brvtalist is pleased to present the music video premiere of Krigserklæring, by Norwegian artist, Mind & Flesh. The solo project of Anders B., main songwriter of Oslo-based, electro synthwavers Three Winters, Mind & Flesh picks up there with heavy synth-driven, dancefloor ready darkness. This is the first glimpse of what the artist has been working on over the past year and right from the start the track infects both your eyes and ears, taking a more twisted, dark and cavernous detour in sound than what Three Winters were lauded for. The video is directed by one of our favorite artists, Frédérick Maheux, and his visuals are the perfect accompaniment to the track. 

You may also know Three Winters for their contribution to ANA soundtrack!

I will also be part of the Metaphase event happening in LA on September 3rd. Alongside the work of Sybil Montet and Silent Servant, I will show a new piece titled “Lamashtu Axis: Every Trigger Warnings, Puerile Unsafe Zone and Hostile Plagiarism”. It’s divided in 5 parts, a remixing of all my videos around 5 specific poles: Architecture, Pharmacology, Spirituality, Warfare and Pornography.