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Un regard froid contributed a track to this compilation. Official statement from Walnut + Locust below. SUPPORT.

A benefit compilation for the Montreal SPCA for their fight against the city of Montreal’s animal-control bylaw.

The artists on this benefit compilation have several things in common: they’re all from Montreal, and they’ve all come together in support of the SPCA’s fight against the city of Montreal’s unjust animal-control bylaw.

The changes to the bylaw that were adopted in September should disturb every animal lover, and have triggered condemnation on an international scale. The central issue is the city of Montreal’s ban of pit bulls and “pit-bull-type” dogs, and there are other deeply concerning regulations, such as a limit of four animals in total per home (two of which can be dogs).

The law is vague — vague enough that the Montreal SPCA was successful in its request to suspend the elements involving “pit-bull-type” dogs, pending a full legal appeal. Two days after the ban came into effect, a Quebec Superior Court judge agreed with the SPCA that the bylaw appeared to be drafted too quickly and was poorly defined.

But the fight is far from over. The city has been allowed to appeal the suspension in November, and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has not backed down, despite polls showing that public support for a ban has decreased dramatically.

If reinstated in full, the bylaw would inevitably lead to the murder of countless innocent dogs who could not be legally adopted. They would be condemned for no reason other than their breed. This despite worldwide evidence that breed-specific legislation has not worked in communities that have attempted to outlaw so-called dangerous breeds, rather than attempting to enact tough legislation aimed at the rightful target: irresponsible pet guardians.

The city of Montreal and Mayor Coderre would like us to believe that they are acting in the interest of public safety. To be sure, the death this summer that led to the hastily passed bylaw was a tragedy. But that should not lead to further tragedy.
The Montreal SPCA agrees that dog bites need to be addressed, but is fighting for sensible measures, and against those that would result in the wholesale slaughter of healthy, well-behaved animals. By purchasing this compilation, you are aiding the SPCA in its continuing battle against a law that is abusive, inhumane and has tarnished Montreal’s standing as a progressive city in the eyes of the world. We thank you for your support, and encourage you to learn more about the SPCA’s important work by visiting

We also encourage you to write to Mayor Coderre and the Montreal city councillors who voted to support this injustice, and to vote against them when they all come up for re-election in 2017. A full list including their email addresses can be found at