Indie Games Reviews 34 – 07/05/2023

Mass by phasein –

As all my recent projects explore the relationship between noise and interactive media, this is one I had to try, and it delivered. The hallucinatory spatial design is a joy to explore and hooks you in its pulsing vibe. It couldn’t only be better by being injected. I recommend jumping in Infinite Silence and Clock Out by the same creator.

prairieworld by kurethedead –

prairieworld transposes survival horror’s tank control and fixed cameras in a city filled with liminal wormholes and AI anguish, reminding of Mandiargues, Borowczyk, and a bit of Ligotti. The ending left me aghast.

Stilluminate by Annswwr –

Sometimes all you need is for an artificial world to rotate faster than yours.

Lazarus by yaji –

Successfully conveys the horror of being untethered from any gravitational pull. The retro sci-fi and PSX aesthetics are also on point.

A Place of Honor by BrineLeaves –

This minimal walking simulator exhibits brilliantly efficient uses of simple 3D shapes and light/dark play to generate a landscape of visceral discomfort.

Weld by aplovesstudio –

Even after hours of toying around this “virtual ecosystem,” I’m not sure if I understood the logic of its food chain… But there’s something to say about grafting limbs and mutant heads together to bash other weird entities. The pixel art style, between tribal and cybernetics, is incredible, which also helps to try to understand this microcosm further.

Home Sweet Home by theminusel –

The Minusel is back with his unique take on horror spatial exploration with weird creatures and weirder domestic symbolism. Eerie, unexplainable, and unlike any other “click everything until you progress” jumpscares-o-thon you will play.

Someone Knocks on the Door by SirTartarus –

Dank Shyamalan, but the final animation was extremely brutal, which is enough for me to inscribe it on my site for posterity.

Oneirology Online by MARED JURPHY –

Informational patterns replace the noisy neuronal soup of human connections—an experience of guilt and loss.


Universal Paperclip (iOS) – With the current paradigm shift of AI taking over and AGI making more and more people paranoid, returning to the overlord of clicker games seemed necessary. Still, an absolute blast. It didn’t get a wrinkle, and I didn’t realize Bennet Foddy collaborated on this brilliant piece of software.

Hotel Sowls (Switch) – Aside from the obtuse puzzles, this short game oozes charm, dark humor, and unbridled imagination. It ends right when it should, which is a feat in itself.

Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Switch) – I forgot how I ragequitted this game on Wii due to the piano puzzle before picking this up on Switch. I even forgot that Suda51 has its dirty hands in the making of this one (despite the Moon references). Years later, I finally completed it. I cannot say it’s my favorite of the series due to abysmal controls, even on Switch. But the mood, plot, incredible music, and lore for each ghost are undeniably excellent and well worth another visit.