Indie Games Reviews 12 – 09/01/2021

Alcudia by Dukebot –

A unique pharmaceutical nightmare mixing Cronenberg (a little Brandon and a little David) with charming pixel art. I was really impressed by how different the style was from Dukebot previous title Blue Sunday while maintaining a similar sensibility.

Burger and Frights by Donitz –

A Bike-riding Groundhog Day in Hell simulator. Kudos for the amazing horror setpieces playing with spatial configuration.

Curtain by dreamfeel –

I’m currently schooling myself after reading Bonnie Ruberg « The Queer Games Avant-Garde » and this title really took me by surprise. It’s extremely well written, moving, relevant and visually stunning in its glitchy way.

Killspiracy TV by Nathan O. aka Sonicrumpets –

Fun, addictive, brilliant art style. Shooting fish-person assassin with occult energy blast never gets old.

Necro Night by Bryce Bucher –

For what appears to be a small experiment, this was something else. Strong echo of Petscop.

ToruTaru by hiddenVisions –

A huge motivation for trying all those games is to experience this unique feeling of haunting, of digging in a software laced with forbidden and otherworldly menace. Torutaru does exactly that. The kind of title you have to play to understand.

Turtle City by SYNTHIA_2000 –

Pour yourself a refreshing drink and pace around this garden of flesh and ooze. Soothing.

Virtual Museum of Dead Wifery by Lilith Zone –

The most relevant game I played in a minute. Everything I hate from the medium I love the most synthesized.

Also don’t forget to get your hands on Somewhat Software  \SPEK.TAKL\ – Banned Edition –

Somewhat are working on big things and there’s no better way to support them than experimenting this unique scopophilia terror slash moving in a new apartment simulator.