Indie Games Reviews 10 – 08/11/2021

It’s Winter by ИЛЬЯМАЗО and sad3d –

I recommend this game as merchandise more than an experience. 10$ to wallow in a miserable Unity scene representing Russian suburban winter. I can’t think of something more in sync with Mark Fisher’s work.

Enclosed by Ateliér Duchů –

Escher-esque puzzle platformer with some strong eerie architecture. A free way to liberate yourself from Covid claustration.

Daardoa by Vidas Salavejus –

Goes from seducing aesthetics to venomous jumpscares. Incredible worldbuilding.

Nodomus by Colorfiction –

If only I could interface with reality like in a Colorfiction game…

Unpaid Serenade For Future Solutions by Sand Gardeners –

Ecoanxiety: The Visual Novel. Looking forward to dig in Sand Gardeners extensive releases.

MR 333 by Bry Guy –

Extreme audiovisual overload. A game that refuses to be sensorily manageable. Brilliant.

Sea Salt by YCJY Games –

I haven’t had that much fun in a while. Mixes the pleasure (unfortunately not tactically viable) of Magic: TG army building with the pure brutal rush of original Syndicate’s massacre missions. It has some flaws, especially control-wise, but they are highly compensated by slaughtering Bloodbornish hunters with a pack of malicious feral black cats.

Nocturnal Visit by MoiDev –

In an economy of formulaic jumpscare games, this is the best one I played in a minute.

Unholy Eyeballs by z_bill –

I really enjoy z_bill absurdist take on game design (Enter the Skinja is a personal favorite), and this HPS1 game jam proposition fully delivers.

Little Misfortune by Killmonday Games AB –

(Played on Switch)You think you know what you’re getting into, but I assure you it gets way darker and depraved than you think. Recommended.

Also finished Resident Evil Village. Nothing to say about it really. Not an absolute waste of time. Some good moments. But incredibly lazy. Especially the shotgun audio work which lacks punch, an unforgivable flaw.