Art/Crime at Housecore Horror Film Festival

The story of Remy Couture and Inner Depravity still seems to interest people worldwide. Art/Crime wiil be shown in Austin, Texas, during the first edition of the Housecore Horror Film Festival! The full program and schedule is not yet available, but the event will start on October 24th till the 27th..

It’s an important victory for Art/Crime and me, especially since it will be shown in the USA. The ruckus around PRISM, the NSA and the drastic measures against the artists and activists of the hacker culture are examples of the evergrowing paranoia and oppression in the name of “security” against which my movie stands. On a personal level, it will be an incredible opportunity to meet the artists who forged my love for cinema and extreme music: Jim Van Bebber, José Mojia Marins, Jörg Buttgereit, Goblin, but also one of the founder of the festival; Phil Anselmo.

Many other Quebec filmmakers will show film at this festival such as Éric Falardeau and his first feature Thanatomorphose, Simon Lacroix et Syl Disjonk.  

If you wish to obtain a DVD of Art/Crime, which contains the two original short films from Inner Depravity, you can get here directly online through Paypal. For those interested, here’s the link for the website of my next feature, ANA, which I’m currently editing;

For pleasure,